Cover Crop Seeding Deadline Extended to November 18

The combination of dry weather in August and September and wet weather in October means harvest is delayed some.  As a result of this, we were able to request a 2 week extension on the October 21 cover crop seeding deadline.  The state has now extended cover crop seeding dates even further. Cover crops now need to be seeded by November 18 if receiving cost-share through EQIP or state funds.  Even though the deadline has been extended, we would encourage you to get the cover crops seeded as early as possible.  The more growth you get in the fall, the more of a jump start the cover crop has in the spring.  Also, larger plants have a greater likelihood of surviving the winter.

The following applies to cover crops planted during the extension period:

  • Seed cereal rye as soon as possible after harvest of the principal crop.
  • The cover crop will be no-till drilled into crop residue.
  • Allow the cover crop to grow until at least 8 inches before spring termination.
  • It is recommended the seeding rate of cereal rye be increased to 75 pounds Pure Live Seed (PLS) per acre to adjust for reduced tillering.
  • The extension does not apply to all federal programs. Contact your local NRCS office if you have questions.

Please contact the NRCS office if you have questions.