Looking for Farmers to Participate in New Farm Legacy Report Project

The Allamakee County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is working with the Drake University Agricultural Law Center on a new project called the Farm Legacy Report Project. The Legacy Reports that will be developed in conjunction with the farmers will include information about the farm and farming practices to pass along to potential heirs. We are looking for four farmers to participate in this pilot project. The Legacy Reports will consist of a history of the farmland or its “legacy”, an explanation of current land-use and conservation practices with associated maps, and expectations for future land management.

The Legacy Reports will not be legally binding documents, but will provide a sense of history and responsibility for the land, information not available from deeds and abstracts. They will include guidance to help future landowners who may have limited knowledge of management practices to ensure continued land stewardship.

Sara Berges from the Allamakee SWCD and Ed Cox from Drake will set up meetings with the interested farmers in early-to-mid July. Ed will be able to answer questions relating to both sustainable land management and estate and business succession planning. Sara will be writing the Legacy Reports and providing pertinent maps.

If you are interested in participating in this project or would like more information, email Sara at [email protected], call the NRCS/SWCD office at 563-568-2246 ext. 3, or stop by the office at 635 9th St NW in Waukon.