Conservation Club Donations

Support the SWCD Conservation Club With Your Donations

We invite you to join the local conservation effort by becoming a Conservation Club member.  The Allamakee SWCD commissioners would like to thank everyone who generously donated to the district in the past and we would greatly appreciate your support again.  The names of the FY2016 conservation contributors are found below.

Donated funds are used for a variety of projects, including scholarships, the District newsletter, conservation education materials for schools, CDI dues and NACD dues, and prizes for poster contests and the fair booth.

Please help us promote soil and water conservation in Allamakee County.  The following levels of support have been established:

SUPPORTERS                    $5-25

SAVERS                               $26-50

STEWARDS                         $51+

SCHOLARSHIP FUND      Any amount you specify to go towards scholarships

Please click the link for the form below, print it, fill it out, and send along with your donation to:

Allamakee SWCD
635 9th St NW
Waukon, IA 52172

Thank you!

Conservation Club Donors FY 2017-2018

Supporters ($5-$25)

Curtis Beardmore Virginia Holder Dennis & Chris Soride
Curtis Lundy Richard & Debbie Moose Mark & Deb Palmer
Oswald & Carol Goettler Greg & Marlene Palmer Leo & Kathy Conway
Brad & Linda Winkie Juliet Wood Gerald Cline

  Soil Savers ($26-$50)

Sweeney Bros Dennis & Barb Nebendahl Dave & Jean Cahoon
Walter & Lorraine Teslow Dan P. White Steve & Donna Story
James McCormick Marlys Leiran Kenneth & Becky Meyer
Curtis & Diane Kraus Beverly Platten Lesa Moose
Eric & Stephanie Palmer Joel Thorson Clay & Adele Monserud

Stewards ($51 & Up)

David & Suzanne Hahn Dave & Gail Prestemon Robern Heffern
Bill & Winnie Scott Marilyn Clark Dale Reiser
Allan L. Bacon Family Trust Clark & Susan Kerndt Clark Kilpatrick
Betty Decker John Dresser Rusty & Cynthia Berger
Robert & Diane Schulte Larry & Lin Barthel Steve & Stefanie Perkins
Dennis & Judy Byrnes Don Piche Sandy Bacon
Palmer Repair John & Jenny Opfer Brian Herman
Bob & Dave Stilwell Tim Welsh Dean & Mary Teslow


Charles Cota Velma Huebner Herb & Ann Dehli
Randy & Lois Dickson Kappy Bristol Vernalene Oelberg
Gary & Connie Tilleros Anthony Foti Gary & Anne White
Todd & Jan Soukup Dan & Traci Byrnes Ronald & Therese Snitker
Paula Ashbacher Dave & Pat Stilwell Tony & Liz Wille