CRP status reviews

CRP fields undergo status reviews at least 2 times during the contract length. NRCS typically conducts these reviews in year 4 and year 9. The year 4 check is to determine if the seeding is established and if there are any issues to address. Sometimes we start looking at these contracts in year 2 or 3. If the seeding looks good (especially if it is a re-enroll or a CP1-introduced grass), we can say that it is established before year 4. Native seedings take several years to get established and can rarely be considered “established” prior to year 4. With native seedings, the biggest factor in establishment is timely mowing. The year 9 status review is to determine if there are issues, such as weeds or trees, that need to be addressed prior to the contract being able to be re-enrolled. Sometimes we start those in year 8 in order to give you longer to address potential issues so that your contract is ready to re-enroll, if you desire to.

Because many of these CRP fields are hard to access, we often utilize a UTV. Many times, we call prior to going out, but sometimes will stop at a site if we are in the area already. If you have trail cameras, you may see us on our gator. If you see the guys below (Ben, our D.C., and Eric, our soil conservationist), know that they are there to check your CRP only. Please call the office if you have questions.