Allamakee SWCD Revised State Cost-share Policy

The Allamakee SWCD has revised its state cost share policy. Applications can be accepted at any time. Landowners interested in installing a conservation practice may contact the SWCD office to set up a time to meet with staff and look at the site(s). More detailed guidelines are available at the SWCD office.

The cost share rate for terraces has been set at 50%.  Cost share will not be approved for switching tile outlet terraces to a new type (e.g. grassback to narrowbase).  Cost share may be approved for new terraces or to convert grassed waterway outlet terraces to tile inlet terraces if the existing terrace system is not under a maintenance agreement (common length is 20 years). Cost share may also be approved if an entire system is going to be redone, meaning that all or most of the old terraces will be eliminated and new terraces will be laid out.

Waterways, Grade Stabilization Structures (Ponds), and Sediment Basins
The Allamakee SWCD will fund grassed waterways, grade stabilization structures and sediment basins at up to 50% cost share as long as they are designed to meet NRCS specifications. Funds may be approved for tile for waterways if it is necessary to keep the waterway dry.

Cover Crops
Cost share may be approved for producers that have never received financial assistance to install cover crops in the past through State or Federal (EQIP, WHIP, or CSP) Programs. Cost share is limited to $25 per acre for up to 40 acres. The cover crop will be seeded by September 15 for non-winter-hardy crops such as oats, barley, spring wheat, brassicas and legumes. Winter-hardy species such as winter wheat, cereal rye, and winter triticale may be seeded up to October 20. All cover crops seeded after October 1 must be drilled or incorporated. Either the cover crop or the following crop will be no-tilled.

IDALS Buffers
A one-time incentive payment of $300/acre is available. The buffers must be maintained for five years.  The minimum eligible buffer width will be determined by NRCS/SWCD based on crop rotation, tillage, soils and slope and buffers must be installed to NRCS standards.  The maximum width for payment is 60 feet. Headlands must be established on slopes greater than 5% and will be wide enough to eliminate end rows. The maximum headland width eligible for payment is 60 feet and the headlands must be installed in conjunction with buffers.

If you have questions about these changes, call the SWCD office at 563-568-2246 ext. 3 or stop by 635 9th Street NW in Waukon.