Doug Zimmerman

Doug has been incorporating no-till in his farming operation for the last 4 years. He has tried corn on corn, corn on beans, and beans into corn. He has decided to no longer do the corn on corn in his operation because he has not had the best luck with it. One thing that Doug said that has worked well for him has been doing the beans into the corn. He believes that this would work well for any producer looking to implement no-till into their operation.

Doug uses a White planter with row cleaners and spike closing wheels and applies starter fertilizer with his planter. One of the things that Doug wishes he knew when starting no-till was the certain attachments and how the planter should be set up in order to work for his operation. Also, he didn’t like putting on nitrogen with his planter because he felt it was one more thing to have to watch while planting.

His fertility program has consisted of using a nitrogen bar for liquid, and he surface applies manure. Soil sampling is done every two years on a 5 acre grid. The majority of the soil on Doug’s farm is clay.

Doug selects certain hybrids for his corn and beans. He likes to use corn in his twin rows that take high populations and beans that have good emergence and are a bushier type plant.

Doug decided to implement no-till on his farm to mainly help with soil erosion. If you would like more information about Doug’s farming operation feel free to contact him at (563)380-2365.