Update Conservation Plans for Land Coming Out of CRP

If you own land that has expiring CRP, you’ll need to update your NRCS Conservation Plan.  Please contact the NRCS office to tell us your planned crop rotation and tillage.  We can then check the soils and slopes on the farm to ensure that your desired rotation and tillage will meet compliance requirements.


If you are a landowner that plans to rent out your land, we encourage you to attach your revised conservation plan to your farm lease.  We are available to meet with you (and your tenant) to discuss conservation options for your land.  Keep in mind that the soil and nutrients have stayed on your land while it has been in CRP.  Ensure that you continue to protect the soil by implementing the best rotation, tillage, and conservation practices.  Staff can meet with you on-site to walk/drive the farm or we can meet with you in the office.  If you have questions or would like to participate in this project, please stop by the office or contact the project coordinator, Sara Berges, at 563-568-2246 ext. 3.