Glenn Griffin

Glenn has been no-till farming for the last 24 years. In that time he has been doing Corn into Beans and it has worked really well for him.

Glenn has a Kinze planter with front row cleaners, spike closing wheels, coulters in the front, and a hydraulic down pour that holds the units in the ground. His manure management strategy is to surface apply some of his acres with hog manure and to inject the rest. He surface applies lime and adds 28% nitrogen in the spring.

Glenn does his soil sampling on a 5 acre grid. He has mostly clay and loam soils on his farm.

One thing that didn’t work well for Glenn was doing corn into corn with manure every year. It works better doing manure every other year.

Some of the things that Glenn wished he knew going into it that he knows now is the different planter attachments and that there are always different attachments to help improve you planting. He also said that Corn on Corn was a little harder to try and make work then corn into beans.

Glenn selects shorter hybrid and earlier varieties

Glenn started trying no-till to help with soil erosion and because of the cost of machinery and fuel is less. If you would like more information on Glenn Griffin’s operation, please feel free to contact him at (563)380-7104.