Frank Livingood

Frank has been doing no-till for the last 4 years and he has been trying corn on corn. He has a John Deere 1770 MT and a Kinze 2600. He has row cleaners on the John Deere and spike closing wheels. On the Kinze he has row cleaners, coulters, and rubber closing wheels. He puts on starter with his planter.

Frank dry spreads potash and phosphorous and he does not apply manure at all. He does soil sampling and most of his soils are clay.

Some of the things that he thought worked well for him were using the spike closing wheels. He said something that he wish he knew going into that he knows now is that you might have to give up some on your yield to save soil.

Frank decided to start doing no-till in order to save soil. If you would like to ask Frank about his farming operation feel free to contact him by email at [email protected].