Steve & Eric Weymiller

Steve & Eric Weymiller have been using no-till on their farming operation for the last 12 years. They have a John Deere Planter with row cleaners, furrow openers, spike closing wheels and coulters that they take off if they have a wet spring.

Weymiller’s apply hog manure on some of their acres and broadcast P & K. On other acres they do not use hog manure they put NH3 on with a minimal disturbance bar. They have several different types of soils on the ground that they run, so they do soil sampling every three years.

Some of the reasons they like no-till are that it builds organic matter, reduces erosion, and allows them to make fewer trips to the field and have fewer tillage tools. One of the drawbacks of no-till is if we have a cold spring, then they are limited to when they can plant.

One of the things they wish they had known about before starting no-till was all of the different ways the planter could be set up and which way would be best for them.

Steve & Eric switched to no-till to keep labor and equipment costs down. If you would like more information you can contact Eric at 563-380-2970 or email him at [email protected] .